The lengthy tale of how I love Godspell and how Godspell loves me too

So, on Thursday I saw Godspell for the 13th time. It was really special and emotional because I won’t be in New York again until August and I don’t know if it will still be open then.

But alas, when we arrived we’d forgot that it was “pay your age” night so we were really surprised to see all the people in front of the theatre. We went over to the lottery and had a really nice talk with Lindsey and were thrilled at all the people who showed up because Godspell’s been struggling since the Tony noms came out.

While we were at the lottery I spotted Anthony Lee Medina from the tour of Spring Awakening, which was pretty cool and he ended up sitting in our pit. But anyway, a bunch of people entered the lottery but weren’t present for the drawing so Lindsey just gave us the tickets. We went up to the ticket window and requested our favorite pit and we were just so happy I can’t begin to describe it.

We lingered at the theatre until the doors opened and talked to the cast as they came in. We talked to Lindsay for a while and I am still don’t understand how anyone can be that perfect. Also, I had a complete freak out when Eric walked by… I couldn’t even say hi. I got all flushed and giddy and my heart was beating really fast and yeah… I just love him. Haha. Anyway, as we were waiting, we were standing in front of the “at this performance” pictures and Hannah’s husband and brother asked us to move for a second so they could take their pictures in front of it and it was adorable.

Then the doors open and my friend and I were the first ones in. Every time we’ve seen the show, we’ve been the first people in and the first people out, ‘cause that’s just how we roll. We went in and got situated in our pit and we were sitting exactly where we wanted, which unfortunately got shifted because Anthony Lee Medina and his friend got there right before the show started and so I was nice and elected to sit behind my friend instead of next to her. I’d never not sat in the front row of the pit, so it was kinda weird, but no less enjoyable.

The house was really full and there were a lot of obnoxious Corbin fans, but there was a great energy in the house and it was really full, which renewed my faith in their staying power (knock on wood.) 

The show was amazing and there were some great ad libs like a HSM joke and there was an Evita joke and a bunch of other great stuff. My favorite moment in the show was during the parable with the sheep right before “We Beseech Thee.” Lindsay made a joke and the whole cast broke and the theatre erupted in laughter for a while. It was amazing. I am so sad she’s leaving. She brings so much to the show. I wept like a little baby during “Bless the Lord” because no matter what happens with the show, I knew it was the last time I’d ever see her do it live. 

Another highlight was when my friend got pulled up onstage for charades, she pulled me out of the audience and it was really fun because the cast knows me and when Corbin asked my name someone (I had my back to the cast so I couldn’t see who) said, “Psh! We know her name!” And I just felt so loved and happy and I just can’t believe how much that show and those people mean to me and the fact that I’ve made any sort of impact on them amazes me and makes me happier than words can express.

During intermission we went onstage for our wine and we had a really cute moment with George and Lindsay while they were on the piano. Lindsay bopped me on the head with her skirt and gave me the most heart warming smile and George was like, “Hey, Oona!” and gave me a high five. Then we went and said hi to Charlie, who is just one of my favorite people on the planet. 

After intermission, Telly came out for “Learn Your Lessons Well (After Hours)” and he did a Donna Summer medley to commemorate her and because she was a former cast member. It was really sweet and then Lindsay and Telly belted their faces off and riffed to high heaven and just made me melt.

Then came “Turn Back O, Man”  and while I prefer Julia to Hannah, she was fantastic and she was the only wunderstudy that I hadn’t seen so now I’ve seen them all. She did, however, have one of my favorite moments of the show. She did a really cute ad-lib during “Turn Back” and my friend and I just about died we were laughing so hard. Then during “We Beseech Thee” when they open the trampolines, Uzo goes, “Oooohhhhhhhh!!! You didn’t see that coming!!!!” She pointed at three other people saying “No, no, no” and then she pointed at me and said “Yes.” Which added more to the whole “I still can’t believe that they all know me” thing.

The rest of the show was great, and I lost it during “On The Willows” because reasons. And after the show there was a talk back with Corbin, so we decided to go to the stage door instead of staying. It was a great decision because the group was small, so we got the cast to ourselves for as long as we wanted. All the crazy Corbin fans were in the talkback so there was no screaming and crying and pushing which I really appreciated.

The whole cast was amazing as always. We had a cute moment with Nick which was really nice. We talked to Lindsay for a while and I essentially told her how I wanted to be her and that everything she touches is perfect and yeah… haha. Celisse was nice and we had a good little chat with Uzo. Anna Maria blasted through the line as usual then Hannah came out and she is the cutest. We told her we met her husband and brother and that her joke during “Turn Back O, Man” made us really happy and yeah, she was great. When Telly came out he was really sweet and the girl next to me started crying because she loved him on Glee. I was quite amused.

Then came the best part of my night. George came out and made his way to us and he was so perfect. We talked for a while and he told me that he read my post about him calling me Bella and I freaked out because GEORGE FUCKING SALAZAR HAS READ MY TUMBLR!!!! What is this world?!?! If you’re read this too, HI GEORGE! Haha, I digress, but I love him so much. Anyway, when we told him that it was our last time seeing the show he was like “No! Can we get a picture?!” and I obviously said yes, but my phone was off from the show and it took a while to turn on, so he took out his phone and took a picture of us. I wanted to die of happiness. Then he gave us big hugs and moved his way down the line. He is a perfect human. Then right after he came out, Corbin did and things got insane. All these girls started screaming and crying and pushing and he was telling them to calm down, but it was a moot point. Then these girls showed up with Wicked playbills and he called them out, but since he’s nice, he signed them anyway. This one girl was like “OMG! YOU TOUCHED ZAC EFRON! CAN I HUG YOU?!” And he was kinda scared but he said yes. Then when he got to me he breathed a sigh of relief and said “You enjoy the show tonight? We love having you around.” I told him it was great and that I was gonna miss it over the summer and then he gave me a hug which made every little fangirl around me die a thousand deaths, but then he made me the happiest ever by telling me that my picture from when I played pictionary is hanging up backstage because they loved it so much. I LOVE THE WORLD SO MUCH!

Then I got back to the dorm that night, only to see this: 

I love being home in California, but I can’t wait for fall to be back where I belong…