The After Life: Post Hunter Parrish Godspell

Yesterday I saw Godspell post-Hunter Parrish for the first time. It was in the midst of a crazy, strange day and I really needed it to be great; I wasn’t disappointed. I am now calling it the after life, because I now know there is life after death, (aka Hunter leaving the show.)

When we got to the Circle in the Square, we went up and got our cards punched for the 10th time and got our Day by Day teeshirts which was awesome. We were really bummed though because it was the Saturday evening performance and there weren’t many people there at all. In fact, because our luck apparently ran out yesterday, we were the only people who didn’t win the lottery, but and old man and his son took pity on us because they saw how much we loved the show and because the old man wanted an actual seat. 

We were so overwhelmed with our misfortunes that day, that instead of going to grab food or something, we just sat in the lobby and waited for the doors to open. While we were waiting Wallace walked by and we talked to him for a little bit and told him to break a leg. Then George passed us and we had a short conversation with him which was really nice. And then Corbin came through. We’d seen him twice earlier that day while we were in the standing room line at Book of Mormon. He smiled as he passed us and then we told him that we’d seen him earlier and he recognized us which was cool. Then he asked if we’d seen the show and we told him that tonight would be our 10th and that it was the first time we were seeing him. He asked where we were sitting and we said pit E and clarified that it was the “Lilies of the Fields” pit. He looked pleased and told us that he’d keep an eye out for us. Then he gave my friend and I a hug and went on his way. 

Soon after, the doors opened and we sat ourselves in the pit and got situated. We waited for the theater to fill, but it never really did. They were at less than half capacity last night and I just wanted to cry. I can’t believe that this amazing show is doing so poorly. They have Corbin out in Times Sqaure passing out pamphlets and are discounting tickets like no one’s business and they shouldn’t have to. Everyone should see this show. Ugh… I could go on but I won’t.

The show was amazing and there were some funny additions and ad-libs that I didn’t expect. Corey was on for Nick which was sad because I love Nick so much, but great because I’ve wanted to see Corey for a while now. He did some great stuff with “We Beseech Thee” and he had a great energy.

As for Corbin, I would like to start by saying that I went into last night ready to give Corbin a chance, but I was not thrilled about his being cast in the show. Hunter was everything to me and I didn’t really know how to comprehend someone else in that role, with that cast. Corbin impressed me though,he did a really good job. Vocally, Hunter outshone him greatly, but Corbin held his own and did some great things and he fits in with the cast nicely. Overall, I was very happy with his performance. 

After the show, we did stage door as always, and we had some great contestations with the cast. Celisse was really nice (and even though I miss Julia like crazy, it’s been cool to see her a few times.) Corey was great (and super fine) and then Uzo came out and talked to us for a while. She is always so nice and so genuine and she was so appreciative that we’d seen the show so many times. Anna Maria went by in her passive, diva way as she always does but Morgan lingered a lot longer than normal. When Lindsay came over, I told her how sad I was that she was leaving and that she is one of my favorite people on the planet. She was super appreciative and she said that she has a really exciting announcement coming this week. Then Corbin came out and talked to us for a while because we’d talked to him earlier and he told us that we brought a great energy to the show that night and that the whole cast noticed.

Then my favorite part of the whole night: dearest George comes out in his adorable pink shirt and he comes up to us and immediately recognizes me. He started to talk about how great I was when I did charades with them and that I had the most interesting name that they’d had so far, but he kept calling me Bella so my friend tapped him on the shoulder and whispered in his ear that my name was Oona and he was adorably embarrassed and then he pulled me in and whispered in my ear that he’d had 3 margaritas after the show. I just chuckled and said “¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!” and he was really amused. Then I told him that his “June is Busting Out All Over” video is like the greatest thing that’s ever happened and he couldn’t stop laughing. Then we talked about the Class of 1891 and I told him I’d seen it in LA and that we had some fun times during Totally Fucked and then I said, “all the cool kids on the back of the bus” and he freaked out and told me he loved me even more than he already did. Then asked if we were friends on Facebook and I said we weren’t and he told me to add him immediately. So that was pretty awesome. 

Sometimes life is great. Why does summer break have to come and take me away from the beautiful city?

  1. thelyonnessheart said: I love this show so much! If I had all the money in the world, I’d probably see it again. The cast is just fabulous. Although, I’d miss Hunter like crazy, because I saw him three days before he left.
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